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Posted at Monday, October 04, 2004, 10:58 am by Albert T.
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BGM: Still, [Watashi no Baka (I'm Stupid)] OST Excel Saga


I'm still here in UST Library, typing one of my crazy blog entries again.

CHAPTER 1: Heed My Warning

If you have read my previous entry, there's a warning there about the recent stupid shit-crap ABS-CBN will be showing in its grubby low-spec screen: Ragnarok The Animation or RTA.

I'm not saying that the RTA is bad and shit and a nut-brain piece of stupid anime, it's actually good and competitive and high-quality, but what I mean is that ABS-CBN is messing up with it. Please.

First, their opening song really sucks. The Flubby Four of the Star Circle dumbasses disparaged the opening song "We Are The Stars". PLEASE. Nobody likes the fakest falsettoes anyway. What will you expect at the end song? Some lousy piano-pounding piece of shit with the Flub Four like gerbils on a recklessly high dose of crack? I'm not saying they're stupid or something, but when you shift careers from acting (Star Circle) to stupid low-key vocal strangulation, they might as well quit acting. They are famous for their acting, so they stick with it unless they wanna join the bandwagon of Radioactive Sago Project. Their acting is great but their singing is shit. Period.

Second, the story is like quilts. The story is supposed to be similar to the Ragna MMORPG, but when you get to the later episodes, you can see some questionable, if not missing pieces. See it for yourself.

Third, it will not click. Believe me. Try .hack SIGN. It's logical, since what everything happens have at least a big dose of human logic and intelligence in part of the maker, nothing is quilted, it's a perfect silk white dress. The RTA story is a bit far from the game. Believe me. I already watched at least 50% of it, I'm in 24 episodes, tnx to Kenneth.

Buy some at Virramall.

CHAPTER 2: I'm still at UST

Well, my Finals dues aren't paid over yet.

The sight at the Main Building is plain discouraging and sad. The long, long, long, long, long line for payments is very sad to look at, if you are at the VERY end of the line. And that's me.

Damn myself and my alarm clock for not going there as early as possible, averting any possibilities of potential hassles. F**k. I am in the Engineering section of the Pacific Plans' payment due papers, and 15, 453.15 Php, wohoo. It's a big piece of chunk, and I want to settle it NOW so I can review the things at home. But the line, well, I'll be very very lucky to be at home by 3.

The consolation is, I've learned my lesson, the hard way.

CHAPTER 3: Understanding Nihongo
Like I said in previous blog entrees, Nihongo is very hard to understand.

Now, my hobby is ciphering and understanding the NewType anime magazines I borrow from Kenneth the anime guru. Yes, I can read well now, arigato gozaimasu. But my real problem is HOW the damn Japanese make the English words their words. I KNOW that Katakana is a clue that the word or sentence is an English translation. But what I don't know is how they convert, i.e. orchestra, into ˘-ke-su-to-ra (That's what I read). They are very funny to read.

Like for example, symphony becomes si-m/n-fu˘(pronounced fo as in pho)-ni, si-m/n-fo-ni. They convert Matrix into ma-to-ri-ku-su, matorikusu, Harry Potter into ha-ri po-ta (POTAngina), MADLAX into ma-do-ra-ku-su, and Bruce Almighty into bu-ru-su o-ru-ma-i-te-i. Chikushou (damn).

I'm currently finding any guide that will help me to understand this so I wouldn't be uttering expletives next time. If you have one, please inform me.


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