It’s so easy to find, If only you could remind me
Posted at Tuesday, August 31, 2010, 02:58 pm by Albert T.
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BGM: [ Un Amico ] by Ennio Morricone

===== =====

Oh well, here's my top 5 on my pod playlist:

1. Walk Away - by Franz Ferdinand
2. Kuchizuke (TV Ver.) - by BUCK-TICK (gah, I'd wait for the full version)
3. Realove:Realife - by SPHERE
5. Dokudanjou Beauty - by BUCK-TICK

===== =====

Gravity, thou are a heartless bitch.

===== =====

Currently I'm on borrowed time as I'm co-using this "free", new non-Websense-stricken browser at my workplace. And since I have some free time on my hands, might as well start getting my fingers busy.

History, unroll. This is a 9-month verbal soiree.

Since last November, I had gotten real, pretty busy. Projects here, projects that. Work on this and work on that. Sure, I had free time, but only at the office. At home, I am still being utilized to be this "male nanny" thing while my bitchy sisters just laze all around. So my time was squeezed to a minimum, and I get very lazy (or tired, mentally) at posting some on this blog of mine.

I also noticed most of my bloggies have moved on and/or retired. Oh well, such is life. I don't know when I will retire this either.

Oh, and one of my sisters failed her first attempt at a licensure exam. Which entailed her to a one-way-ticket to six months of being a ronin. SIX MONTHS. I can do two accounting web applications with that period of time and still spare two months to spend on vacation.

Oh well, it's her ball now. If she fails again, at least her first failure wasn't a fluke.

I switched from 8-5 schedule at work to 9-6. It wasn't pretty at first since I basically forced myself on that schedule. Since I engaged in that "forum" thing, and my sister's laptop failed on her (due to her characteristic stupidity at handling her own things), she basically bitched her way to using the family's antique laptop and lorded over it.

It wasn't until July I managed to get another, but I opted for a netbook - smaller, lighter, cheaper. And it has Windows 7 Home for free, so cool.

But I had sentimental attachments to my family's antique laptop. After all, I was the one who took good care of it - kept the fans cool, check for overheats, antivirus installations, maintenance (I brought it to people who know internal laptop maintenance), and all of it came from my effort and pocket. More akin to a gardener attached to its owner's garden simply because of care. The laptop was bought using part of my sister's winnings in a telecom promo.

In late 2008 my sister got this brand-new HP laptop with Vista, for about 30,000+ Php. And it has a fingerprint scanner, which made it ultra-cool. So she ditched the old laptop to me and our youngest sister, and went off not caring anymore about it. So me and my sister used it in turns. Eventually my little sister moved on to using my mom's brand-new laptop she bought in middle of 2009, and I was left with the almost-3-year-old laptop.

Then the bitchy sister (she's the middle of us three) encountered something as worse as a repetitive blue screen of death - a faulty LCD screen. It was like a Tim Burton version of the Pokemon seizure episode, rendered in 8-bit, repeatedly played on a screen. So she can barely recognize the screen contents, so she bitched her way to use the old laptop. So I was rendered incapable. Of sleeping a lot earlier.

I tend to finish my internet escapades by 12AM, but since my sister tends to release laptop use by about 11PM, my sleeping habits got screwed since I have to rush everything. I even have to drop my forum habitats from 5 to 3 a day.

I hated it, utterly. But what can I do? She already "bought" her way to it, even my parents are mum on it. God, that's one reason why I won't live under one roof with this bitch by the time I finish my contractual period at my work.

But I still performed maintenance on the laptop, simply on the thought of sparing my little sister the anguish of being hijacked by a 21-year-old bitch, let me suffer for the meantime.

Thankfully, I was able to get my hands on a netbook by July, so I transferred all my files and personal things in that old laptop to the new one. I then bade it goodbye. No more maintenance for you, little buddy. I can't polish off the fingerprints off your screen, I can't lessen the internal heat anymore for you, I can't buy you new parts, I can't perform regular antivirus scans on you, I can't look out for you anymore. It's you and this big pompous bitch from now on.

Die in peace, and let the bitch feel the burn.

===== =====

At work, I tend to find that the greatest obstacle lies in spending 8 hours if you have no workload to do.

Since our workplace have WebSense, I tend to have a bad time spent by randomly browsing Wikipedia entries and Googling recipes (I love cooking).

I have watched a fuckin' lot of movies since January, enough to fill three rows of shelfspace in a regular video store. I watched all the "The Big Bang Theory" episodes, 2 seasons of "Lost", all James Bond movies, and a whole load more thanks to a nifty tool called LANSearch.

I noticed in our very structured office place that there's a lot of red tape. Sign this, sign that. Pass this, pass that. Make this document, make that document. *sigh* Cut a few red tapes and programming development would be a lot more efficient.

Also, I have managed to improve greatly on my web applications, in succession, and in the last one I managed to heavily use JQuery with ASPX. Cool.

Every application thrown to me is a challenge in itself. Improve, improvise, provide. And I managed to finish my applications a lot quicker than the schedule.

But I'm still at a crossroads as to if I will remain with the company my agency assigned me to. I heard the benefits are tremendous, but the starting pay is measly compared to the contractual pay. I have experience now, I have cred, and which I can put in my resume to search for greener pastures.

One more year, yeah. Then I'll decide.

===== =====

Ciao for now. Hopefully I can get my hands on this again and release more steam for it.


An absolute unparalleled wicked heart
Posted at Thursday, September 24, 2009, 12:03 am by Albert T.
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BGM: [ Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood ] by Santa Esmeralda

===== =====

Long time no post. Guess work really is taking my time. But oh well, I'll always try to make more.

Top 5 for the week:
1. Wo Ai Ni - by Takahashi Hitomi & Beat Crusaders
2. Faithfully - by Journey (the Pineda version)
3. Mad Black Machine - by Nightmare
4. Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari - by supercell
5. Ichibu to Zenbu - by B'z

===== =====

I just created a Facebook account and profile for myself.

But truth be told, I'll just be using it for the occasional updates and such, treat it like a place for a quick hangout and see some people. I'm not into staying there for longer than an hour :)

Damn my workplace for "Websense", I can't FB at work. Well, there are a few exceptions to that.

I'm pretty sleepy by now, so I'll be updating my FB profile (and possibly try Twitter) tomorrow, or by the weekend.

===== =====

I just watched QT's new film, "Inglourious Basterds", and it was good. Although Brad Pitt's on the top of the advertisment, the film's pretty much owned by Christoph Waltz.

===== =====

And speaking of films, some of my officemates were generous enough to share some of their movie files for my pastime pleasure. Pretty much a wide array of movies to watch.

I still have over 55 movies at my "unwatched" folder.

===== =====

Yawn. Time for some sleep, need it for tomorow. Ciao!

Please don't say “You are lazy”, but the truth is, I’m crazy
Posted at Wednesday, June 17, 2009, 12:38 pm by Albert T.
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BGM: [ Ironic ] by Alanis Morrisette

===== =====

My top 5 for the week:
1. Mad Black Machine by Nightmare
2. Don't Say Lazy by the K-On seiyuus
3. Always by Bon Jovi
4. Drink it Down by L'Arc~en~Ciel
5. Somebody by Depeche Mode

===== =====

I'm still currently super-busy at work due to, well, it's summer here in RP.

Most businesses finish their processes at the end of May, or before June, especially here in my division. Most of my projects are due by the end of the month, or so I'm told.

I'm racking up sleep debt, overtime hours and higher possibilities of having ulcer.

I'm aslo doing side jobs. They pay a lot (but not as much as my current job) and there's not much red tape but it adds up to my sleepless nights.

I might drop my side jobs for at least 6 months to replenish myself and reclaim my Saturdays again. But then, I have to sacrifice some things, like my manga/jmusic-cd fund.

On a happy note, I'm close to having 70 titles in my manga library. That's a whole lotta improvement.

3rd to 4th Year College - 12 manga
3 months at first job (May-July) - 8 manga
next 3 months at first job (July-September) - 12 manga
next 3 months at first job (September-November) - 10 manga
next 3 months at first job (November-January) - 11 manga
next 3 months at first job (January-March) - 12 manga
next 3 months at first job (March-May) - 4 manga (and still buying)

I'm also racking up a few Shonen Jump and Shojo Beat magazines. Also some Shoxx, Fool's Mate and other music magazines catering to Visual Kei fans.

It was a boon for me to not open my PC everytime I want to read manga. Scanlations are useless in cases of power shortages. Once this last April we were stuck with one day without electricity. My family was bored to death, while I was in my room reading all the mangas I have bought. Pow! Boredom killer.

But when that reaches 90, I might have to buy myself a good wooden glass-doored bookshelf.

Might as well be true. As of this moment you read this, I've already bought 2 new manga books, courtesy of the local Planet X comic store in Glorietta.

===== =====

Tom Clancy and Dan Brown will surely love to spend a day with my dad.

My dad's a pessimist and he constantly spews conspiracy theories straight from his ass.

I mean, one celebrity screws up, he says that the celebrity's using drugs (without any proof at all). One politician lands in the news, he conjures up these weird bullshit government-loves-leftists type of talk. One wrong number on our water bill and dad said the water company did it on purpose (which is untrue since it was a program error).

I'm starting to despise my old man for being such a pessimist. There's no little problem he cannot inflate.

===== =====

I'm currently looking for a webhost. Then I'll spend 3 months transferring all my blog posts from Blogspot to Wordpress and getting Twitter and Facebook accounts.

I'll try to post again soon, so ciao!

Posted at Friday, March 27, 2009, 02:09 pm by Albert T.
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BGM: [ Seventh Heaven ] by L'arc~en~Ciel

==== =====

It feels good to finally find a way out of the jungle named "Websense". Hopefully my DSL connection at home can be resolved by Sunday and I'll be blogging happily ever thereafter again :D

Weekly Top Five:
1. Lacrimosa by Kalafina (sidenote: Kajiura-san never seems to run out of good music nowadays)
2. Naked Love by Nightmare
3. Janie's Got A Gun by Aerosmith
4. Harana by Eraserheads
5. No me Ames by J-Lo and Marc Anthony (the best Spanish song I ever heard)

==== =====

Truth be told, I really missed blogging even if I'm really absorbed by work.

But, I did have some interesting encounters throughout my invisible 3 months.

===== =====


It's the acronym for Quality Assurance. One of the very things a programmer both love and despise. I mean, they have the tools. What errors I cannot see in my program, they see right through it. They suggest very very beneficial things that really enhance my work. They have these beautiful ladies that saunter right through your cubicle to discuss with you. They handle the technical details of a project, paperwork, footwork and lobbying in one. And believe me, they do work hard.

But there are three beefs I have with them:

1. They never attempt to ever soften the blows. Sure, the "error trapping" they do help me. But at the same time, they're blows. Pacquiao-like blows. They never use soft words. Instead, they prefer to use blunt, chiselled words which do not fit with company wording etiquette. I actually hated my IPMsg for a while. Given a medium in which they can use very very informal words that can go unsupervised, they literally take off their gloves and suckerpunches me verbally. I prefer they use email instead, because I prefer talking using soft words in work. I reserve my salty tongue outside my workplace.

2. They attempt to "personalize" the GUIs. One project I had involved me making a standalone webpage for their "portal" which I definitely made using very very general ideas. Initially I had it both red and blue, but suddenly they butt in, and wants the header image - of all bad hues there are in this godly fucking world - semiviolet purple. Damn. I asked them for the reason why, and they said without any hint of restraint - "it's their choice". C'mon, this company we work in is in red and blue, and purple is something you get from a 5-year-old's water color palette! They insist. They have the upper hand, I surrender. But my finger is up in the air anyway.

3. They try to make the impossible demands. The list is too many to mention, but some of them were really freaky in nature. They actually tried to ask if the Javascript's Ok-Cancel combo can be changed to yes-no! Goddamn. But I learned one thing from them too: they have complete disregard for functionality as long as aesthetics of theirs are followed. I tread the delicate balance between functionality and aesthetics in a web page, and these people do not. They just play catch-me in the places of no sane return.

But I still like them. I can't really hate girls, I just sometimes disagree with them but I'll never cross the line :D and work, is just a "that's it" affair.

===== =====

It's getting really pricely to eat here at Makati.

Yes, P**T's got a canteen or two but they mostly server food that can remind you of hospital food, and I'm sick of it. The vegetables are rarely green, the meat is usually rehashed from yesterday, and the soups are rarely delicious.

If you eat here at the Makati area here in Ayala Ave., Philippines, you'll at least see me in one of these establishments at lunch time:

Max's Fried Chicken (Glorietta branch)
KFC (Greenbelt and Landmark branches)
Jolibee (Greenbelt and Landmark branches)
Food Selections (Glorietta)
Tokyo Tokyo (Greenbelt)
Landmark Foodcourt
The Enterprise foodcourt
Ineng's (Dela Rosa branch)

However, eating at these places always leave my wallet dry and gasping for more money.

===== =====

And, as usual, Philippine politics is a disgrace to the entire human race.

I'll try to drop by again soon. Thanks for dropping by. :D

I'll Be Reborn As Myself
Posted at Thursday, December 25, 2008, 10:41 pm by Albert T.
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BGM: [ Naked Love ] by Nightmare

===== ======

Oh well. Christmas time.

Top 5 for the past 2 weeks:
1. Lost in Blue by Nightmare
2. Another Way to Die by Jack White & Alicia Keys
3. Pre-Parade from Toradora! (its OP song)
4. Naked Love by Nightmare
5. Rendezvous by BUCK-TICK

===== ======

I'd like to get all my friends (and co-bloggers and sporadic visitors) a happy, merry Christmas to you all and your family. And if your religion doesn't include Christmas in it, well, happy holidays.

This holiday season marked the first time in my life that my family can legally fleece me now of my own money to buy some food for the celebration. I ended up shelling out dough for ice cream, cola, booze, and a whole lot more.

But this Christmas... I get to give myself something I can't usually get that freely last year: 7 manga titles and 2 J-music CDs... in one fell swoop. I got Laruku's "Kiss" album (which is well-overdue for me for over a year since I don't have a J.O.B. last year and thesis was a bitch) and Nightmare's "Killer Show". Yeah, those were albums I really wanted to get since last August yet I'm still focused on my job, so now I get to reap what I deserve... little vices but it's still enjoyable for me.

===== =====

Not so much this next week... I'm on the holidays until January 4, and I'm in the mood, so I think I can squeeze in some more entries the next few days, since today I'm pretty darn exhausted by this... Dec 25 godson-thing bullshit and this day was pretty sobering since I slept at 4Am and woke up at 3Pm. Ciao for now! Bye~nee

Like Putting Salt Into Sweet Vanilla
Posted at Sunday, November 23, 2008, 09:36 pm by Albert T.
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Yep. I'm still alive, I'm just slowly transforming to a workaholic.


Top 5 for the week:
1. Kagerou by BUCK-TICK
2. Monochrome no Kiss by SID
3. Vanilla Salt by Yui Horie
4. This is the New Shit by Marilyn Manson
5. Lost in Blue by Nightmare


Lately I'm enjoying the little nuances and side dishes in life.

I mean, when it rains, I enjoy looking outside through a wet bus window, seeing all the sights through wet glass.

When it's sunny morning, I enjoy walking in the paths where the sun's rays are. It's not even hot - it's warm.

At nighttime, I enjoy seeing stars, counting them slowly while waiting for a bus ride home.

Maybe it's because of my freedom from school life. I rarely did enjoy school, so it became too monotonous. When graduation came and work entered, I was kind of happy that an old monotony was broken, and another new monotony comes in.

And currently I'm somehow absorbed in work, I even neglected blogging for more than two months.

It's been a hectic two months. Lots of overtime (though it pays good), side activities, and I even went into a sideline, because Saturdays seem a lot of shitty boredom.

Mostly I'm engrossed in learning more regarding web designing. My superiors told me that web designers get paid some good dough these days, and it just seems like it's a good career path. Websites are like viewable works of art to me, and I'd like to ply trade at that.


Our office "Kris Kringle" is coming up, so I came up of a list of things that would fit in.

Something musical : a High School Musical VCD
Something sexy: a mug with two sexy drawings pf two shopping girls
Something irritating: a mug with an inscription "Brain Dead: 9am - 5pm Mon-Fri" with coconut fragrance sachets inside of it
Something yucky: A whole bag of extra-sour candies, and a whole bag of extra-bitter tea bags
Something personally made: Mini-chiffon cake (yep, I'm also capable of that)

Lately our office is cracking down on proxy websites that most of my officemates use in defiance of Websense filters.

And to top it off, most of my friends are starting to drink heavily at weekends and some weebdays, attributing to the Christmas season.

So there, not that much, but hey, I'm still able to blog.

Hopefully next week I can drop another blog or two. Ciao!


Why are there no feathers that float up to the sky
Posted at Saturday, September 27, 2008, 11:49 pm by Albert T.
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My Top 5 For the Week:

1. Nexus4 by L'arc~en~Ciel
2. Athena by Abingdon boys school
3. Sweet Dreams (Are Made of These) by Eurythmics
4. Gekidou by UVERworld
5. Dress by BUCK-TICK

===== =====

Now that I'm at work, it's like becoming a bit duller.
No water cooler chitchats, no colleague bantering, no amusements except those within the "personal amusement" side.

My bosses have no Websense filters. That really is something else, if you get the drift.

I kinda miss the college days, where even if the professor is discussing nonlinear equations I can still hold a discussion (albeit discreetly) with a seatmate once in a while to alleviate boredom.

Ted Turner was right. Boredom kills.

Most of my colleagues here are just like monotonous with work, it's becoming their favorite mantra - work, work and lost of work. Anyway, it's a sacrifice or else we can be headed to the unemployment dumpster. At the very least I'm grateful for a job, because Philippines is famous for high rates of unemployment, so I consider myself fortunate enough to earn at least 3 times the minimum wage rate.

It's almost the same every single fricking day.

Only my anime collection breaks the monotony every day - I download at least 6 episodes a day, so at least it doesn't bore me a bit.

===== =====

I someday plan to move out of my parents' house - I don't want to tolerate my mother's compulsion of "keeping things" anymore, nor her blatant disregard for others' decisions and preferences in favor of hers.

But I have to save some substantial amount of money to buy a decent lot, build a house and decorate it.

My goal is to save 500,000 in 6 years to fuel my ambition. Long road, but hopefully I'll manage to at least reach that goal.

===== =====

Speaking of my mother, it's plain sad to see my status with regards to "respect" with her.

Last week she blatantly ignored my previous pleas NEVER to clean my room again, and she even had the gall to justify her atrocity.

Then she, without a SMS message to inform me, hired a computer technician to "borrow" several cables from my desktop PC to fix her own. What the f**k... Damn it.

She doesn't respect me. She keeps suggesting weird clothing for me to wear to work, she keeps ignoring my requests, she keeps on hoarding despite me and my dad's pleas, and to top her maternal insolence off, she dared to get some cables from my PC without forewarning me.

Does she still deserve my respect?

===== =====

OK, so I'm going to branch off to random topic discussion.
I'll start it by a quote, then I branch to a topic that's related somehow to that quote.

If you can guess where I get the quotes (without Googling), consider yourself an anime eideticker.

> "I like that in high school we get to bring our own lunches. But it's hard getting up early to make it. "

True. Sometimes I'm tempted to wake up early but due to work-related exhaustion, and I'm the hardest one to wake up in my family, so I neglect my plans on that. Well, even if I wake up early, it still sucks in the kitchen.

I mean, there are only dry foods, sardines, meatloafs, vienna sausages, spam, corned beef, and various other canned goods in the pantry. The meat in the freezer, and most of the foods I really like takes too much time to prepare. I don't even think on bringing yesterday's dinner leftovers to work, sometimes the lefover's on the verge of spoiling, and that can give me stomachache.

So, when I cook my meals, I usually end up with a can opener and open a fricking can and fricking cook.
But cooking isn't a simple wonderland - you need knowledge and creativity. I cooked these dishes once for breakfast:

Pineapple-garnished meatloaf curry
Chillied Corned Beef (typical corned beef with lots of onion chives and green chillies)
La Sarsa, Spam Version (fried spam, then boiled 5 minutes with pure Mang Tomas sarsa)
Deep-Fried Sardines
Barakong Sisig
Cold Campbells' Chicken Soup with Chives and Oregano

Sometimes creativity runs out, and I'm stuck for several minutes with several potential ingredients. I end up cooking too fast sometimes, resulting in a few undercooked dishes.

Oh, and since I'm an Asian, rice is a staple. So sometimes I experiment with rice, and I mix it with my stir-fry meals to make myself some ready-to-eat meals without much derring-do.

And after preparing and eating, I realize I lost sleeping time, I'm already tired, and I have to wash an extra food container since my mom keeps hiding the tupperware as if she's a businessman hiding some assets when the tax inspector comes.

Sadly, I oftem miss my wake-up mark, and I end up trooping to P***'s nearest Mini Stop and buying myself a jumbo siopao.

> "I smashed that cockroach just now with my textbook."

Last week my sister screamed her lungs out at something - like those extras in staple horror movies. I hurriedly went out of my room to investigate what incited her bitching.

It was a damn cockroach.

Both of my sisters dislike cockroaches - be it alive, dead, beheaded, mutilated, squashed, solitary, or even just barely twitching. I have to say it's like an elephant being scared of a dog.

I instantly grabbed the nearest whackable object I can grab and squashed the insect to a squishy entrail puree. Too late I noticed that object was my younger sister's textbook. Then I instantly grabbed another book while she wasn't looking and claimed I whacked the cockroach with it - and later cleaning her book, but it still smells like cockroach. Good riddance.

And again last night, my mom screamed at something - a dead rat near the laundry clothes. Women.

> "Isn't it better for fewer people to die?"

The current government-MILF situation has reached that unevitable statistical category - CASUALTIES.

Most people were evacuated, and some got caught in the crossfire. One news item relates how almost one family was blown to smithereens, leaving only a few survivors - and one orphan.

But the real victims here are the children - psychological scars somehow surface later in their adult life about their encounters with war. That's the same with most surviviors of war in other countries - children who witnessed war either were encouraged to prevent war - or worse, to allow war. War only creates victims, and there are no victors.

But in the inevitable case of war, one side must be reminded to keep casualties out - or at least at a bare minimum. But so far the Philippine government has failed to do so - and many more are going to end up dead, or worse, scarred for life.

> "There will be lots of cute cats and dogs in the Cafe... and they're all dead."

Sometimes the nightlife in our place gets a little bit lonely.

Once I went home late at 4AM due to overtime, and I ended up alone, trying to hitch a bus ride home.

When I reached our block, I noticed it was cold, windy, and deserted. No dogs, no cats - only me, and the road's littered with lots of dog feces.

Then I remembered that the dogs are in their own owners' units, due to the barangay curfew also applying to pets and strays. Most of the impounded animals end up somewhere in custody until either someone claims them or someone buys them.

I also was reminded of Baguio City (up north of Luzon) where there are a lot of dogs and cats - but most of them end up as meals or siopao fillings, respectively. That's why I didn't eat any meals while I was in Baguio - it's either I end up eating real pork or real dog.

So, continuing - it was lonely without anything on that road home except me. No kids playing, no dogs barking, no cats staring at you with that queer look in its eyes - just me and the sound of my steps against the night.

> "If you tell a bald man his head is useful in the dark, you'd get punched in the face."

Bad jokes are just plain sad to hear.

One guy (a bald one) I rode with once in a public bus ridiculed a bus conductor to no end.

"My sauna bath is much colder than your aircon!"
"Your passenger seats put my dog's bed to shame."
"I pay 60 pesos for a ride and all I get is cheap freon, tattered seats and a recycled-paper-class ticket?"

Some passengers were snickering at the back while the conductor was obviosuly changing - from embarassed, to annoyed, to ticked off, and now to nearly mad.

Then the bald guy recited the conductor's last straw:

"Heck, I'd pay 100 pesos every day if this liner fires this guy and gets sexy girls to get my fare!"

the conductor swiftly did the expected action - he grabbed 60 pesos out of his wallet, and handed it back to the guy.

"Sorry sir, but if you want a bus ride that allows you to denigrate a conductor, better ride another bus."

Then the driver parked the bus somewhere legal and shouted that either the bald guy get off the bus or else he stalls the ride.

The bald guy was obviously in a hurry (he was in a business suit and he kept looking at his watch all the time), so he went off the bus. The conductor shouted a few unnecessary farewell expletives as the guy boarded another bus.

That single incident kept me preppy for at least the entire travel time from Ayala to Fairview.

===== =====

News flash: PBA's Red Bull Barako is now 90% new. The 10% remainder is Yeng Guiao.

Red Bull recently dealt Mick Penissi, their last remaining original of the Red Bull stalwarts they direct-hired from the PBL several years ago, to San Miguel in exchange for future first-round draft picks.

Then Yeng Guiao took Air21's gifted yet gravely underutilized forward, Gabby Espinas.

It's sure going to be a hell lot interesting.

===== =====

I can promise everything because there’s no tomorrow
Posted at Monday, September 08, 2008, 10:48 pm by Albert T.
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BGM: [ Xanadu ] by Moi Dox Mois

===== =====

So, for a start. My top 5 for the week:

1. Season's Call by Hyde
2. Sekirei by Saori hayami
3. Burial Applicant by thE GazettE
4. Resonance by T.M.Revolution
5. What If God Was One Of Us by Alanis Morisette

===== =====

I'm going to start another blog item change: starting from this blog entry, all my blog titles will be based from a song line from one of the top 5 songs I have for the week. If the song's Japanese-based, I translate it to English. If it's a Filipino song, I also translate it to English.

It's getting hard to pick a title; sometimes I also need help. :D

===== =====

Work sure is getting hard. I mean, at P*** they take things seriously, and I had to learn along the way.

But jobs in the Philippines are scarce, and I consider myself fortunate to even land a job.

===== =====

The 2008 Beijing Olympics is already over. Records are broken, history was rewritten, and achivements were cemented.
But one thing did not change. Philippines = 0 gold medals. Or more correctly put, no medals whatsoever for this Olympics.

I can only say one thing: the Olympics is a committment. Most of the athletes signed up for long-term training, and trained for more than 2 years in preparation. Most countries pool their resources on 2-3 sports only, and focal points were narrowed down to sports which they think they will excel. If the Philippine Olympic Commission thinks that sending half-baked cookies with little preparation to the Olympics is enough, never expect anything in return.

Lessons are learned in defeats and setbacks, but the government... never learn, and maybe never will.

===== =====

The US "Redeem Team" won the gold medal for Men's Basketball in the Olympics. Aside from that corny tag and the obvious egotistical idea of "US winning the basketball games everytime because they invented basketball" which is pure bullshit, they did fine. Now Kobe can put the Shaq image behind and truly stand out like "I can win a gold medal without Shaq". Now dig that.

===== =====

The Comiket 74 comics are quite good. I collected most of it (scans), and aside from the censurable ones it was like seeing the future of Japan's manga industry one booklet at a time.

===== =====

I'm getting the hang of this "Wiki-surfing".

P*** has this so-called great tool for self-indulgence, called "WebSense". It blocks huge virtual continents such as blogs, forums, gaming sites, social sites, disturbing sites, file sharing sites, entertainment sites, and the ever-popular carnal continents. Ugh, so much for censorship.

Thankfully only two websites are good to surf in:, and Wikipedia.

Recently one Saturday anime marathon night I chanced upon this guy with an unusual past-time. He goes to "", clicks random links, and clicks every 6th link he finds on the page until he finds a dead end, backtracks, and clicks away until he eventually tires out of his random surfing.

I tried to apply it in the office, since I'm on a free basis and maybe I could use some hour burner. So I decided it was time for idle surfing.

I had to choose a starting page, and this is what I chanced upon:

Then I clicked on random links per day, and usually I chance upon weird websites along the way, but it was a pretty fun exercise. I learn, yet I am loafing the hours away. It's like an interesting set of encyclopedias and you just have to move a hand and a pair of eyes just to be amused.

Thankfully it's still good to be young.

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OK, so another spoof article for me. Hope this doesn't burst in flames.

NBA offseason now in full swing
By Michael Bird

With a few months to go before the 2008-2009 NBA season, teams are now gearing up and solidly building their teams in their hunt for title contention.

Following the rebuilding success of the Boston Celtics, several teams have started to move and free-deal with other teams in order to bolster their lineups. Memphis Grizzlies, in dire need of a huge superstar in the exodus of Pau Gasol, turned to a hometown son for a much-needed shot in the arm. After 20 years of absence, Tennessee scientists have genetically resurrected Elvis Presley and injected him with sweat extracts of Michael Jordan and Bill Russell. The Grizzlies coach was impressed with his aging rookie, but added that Elvis continually insists on not wearing rubber shoes on the court, instead wearing only his "blue suede shoes".

In other basketball news, the Los Angeles Clippers, jealous of their co-Californians Los Angeles Lakers, tried to take a few talented (even if not in basketball) stars out of TinselTown. According to the various media journals, the Clippers have tried to sign Freddie Prinze Jr., but since Vince McMahon beat them to the punch, they had to swallow their pride and sign up Rob Schneider, based on his very dismal performance on "Big Stan", and Adam Sandler, but the management insisted he keep the Zohan persona and use it on the court to play Hacky Sack with the basketball. In retaliation, the Lakers then signed the Phantom persona of John Turturro and the rest of the homosexual guys that were in that Schneider movie.

The Atlanta Hawks, in a desperate attempt, unloaded 3/4 of their team roster to sign up the core members of the famed 90's Chicago Bulls championship roster. Sadly, all of them have retired and moved on with their rings and their lives. Instead, the GM decided to unload his entire team and contacted Warner Brothers for the rights to sign up the entire Space Jam team, excluding Michael Jordan.

In related news, the Charlotte Bobcats and New Orleans Hornets were in a tug-of-war for the services of Richard Fleihr, more popularly known as "Ric Flair". Recently WWE has released Flair, allowing others to sign up the talented wrestler. The Bobcats have already beefed their roster with huge wrestling acquisitions, including Paul Wight ("Big Show"), Dalip Singh ("The Great Khali") and Mark Calaway ("Undertaker"), and would like to expand their base further with signing Flair. The Hornets, on the other hand, has signed the smallest point guard the NBA has ever seen, signing Dylan Postl ("Hornswoggle") to a multi-million-cloverleaf sheet to play as Chris Paul's cheering squad.

More teams followed suit as Dallas traded Dirk Nowitzki to Houston for Yao Ming and 100 sacks of Szechuan spices, Chicago Bulls signed up Saddam Hussein, Phoenix traded Shaquille O'Neal to Denver Nuggets for 2 copies of Bruce Willis' Greatest Hits album, and Denver Nuggets signed Simon Cowell.

EuroLeague officials were unavailable for comments, but their chief spokesperson said that "the NBA is sure getting a bit more interesting than kiwi-flavored apertifs".

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Hooly Cooly
Posted at Sunday, August 03, 2008, 11:56 pm by Albert T.
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BGM: [ Ride on Shooting Star ] by The Pillows

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I meant that misspell.

Top 5 for the week:
1. Resonance by T.M.Revolution
2. Candy Holic by An Cafe
3. Kona Yuki by Asian Kung-Fu Generation
4. Kirei na Kanjou by Akino Arai
5. Balisong by Rivermaya

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I never knew a MiniStop could be such a "holy" place.

I mean, they keep playing these holy inspirational songs around the afternoon while I'm there sipping some cafe latte. I constantly feel like I'm back at my teenager days again as an altar boy and I'm drinking leftover mass wines and eating the leftover shove-in-your-hands-or-mouth chips.

Come to think of it, coffee without cream looks a lot like hot mass wine.

I can't stay for more than 15 minutes inside MiniStop (the one near the PLDT-RCB building) at the afternoons, because I don't like feeling a lot nostalgic and such while having my cup of coffee.

I regretted back then going to college back in 2004, because then I have to abruptly leave my church servitude, due to me being of breaching the age limit of 16. And as my previous senpais have done, and I know fully why, I never had a formal leave. I never told anybody, I never told the altar boys handler, I just left my "sutana" hung nice and clean on the sacristy room, and left without a word. I did not have the propensity to say "goodbye" to any of them, and the only way I can say I'm done with the service is to leave my suit for somebody else to wear. But then I highly doubted anybody would wear mine, because I was the tallest altar boy back then. And I stopped going to my local church for a year or so, because everytime I go I feel like wearing that white cape again, which is not anymore the case, and it's kind of like a self-imposed rehab for me. Two years later I had the strength to go back to my local church and attend a full hour of mass without having that pang of pain. Many things changed, which was good. The altar boys now wear the "San Lorenzo Ruiz" attire, the priests keep changing skin colors and nationality, and the atmosphere in the church is way more disciplined than before. I think the altar boys handler also have limited further the age limit from 16 to about 14. But I couldn't help back then to be reminded of the old days and those Christmas overnights.

Nah. I'll manage. Nostalgic feelings always keep coming back, but it's like a gentle wave on a beach, it will recede.

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Andrew Stephen T*d is now back. Officially a royal pain in the you-know-where again :D

*sound of a trumpet*
Behold, he hath summoned this humblest, lowliest of peasants, is given the honor to seek and be returneth the Lord's ye olde Calculus bibliotheque and doth be delivereth to his most glorious Kingdom, and be the King hast rejoiceth over his treasure, basking him in glory. He shall use His powers he summoneth from the bibliotheque to cast demons out of ye town hamsters, make apple wine out of spent banana peels, revive ye most flaccid of Numerical Methods, and be able to riseth the most downfallen of grades and returneth it to a most knightly status worthy of a saint.

And enough of this ye Old England haggis. :D

By the way, that book I borrowed two years ago has never changed in shape, in content and in the number of pages. Still as dilapidated as ever, but at least it's clean because I kept it where molds never dare to traverse, my anime CD collection cabinet. I have to be grateful to that book; it served as my handy spare cabinet key hideaway, it functioned as a very good deterrent from my parents to disturb me needlessly, and helped me with a couple of algorithms for my thesis. Truly a trash made of gold, or vice versa.

I went back to my alma mater this last July 19 to hunt that bastar... er, man down. Met some old friends, including some people who I felt should've had the privilege to graduate on time but a sinking-ship badass hauled them down to his shitty grave. I can't blame both parties; one side had very congenial personalities but didn't do any diddy shit on the thesis, one side did almost everything in programming-wise contributions but had a personality of a 1940s Japanese kamikaze pilot. Bound for disaster.

And I shoved that God-forsaken book back to it's owner's bookshelf. :D Hope T*d didn't mind my little friendly pokes, hehe.

1CSB are always friends, excluding that guy with a "personality of a 1940s Japanese kamikaze pilot".

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I'll probably pursue a permanent career after this. I'm just a guy with a plan. I'm not that materialistic to begin with.

A***nt*re keeps calling me at work, but as a work ethic follower, I always keep it in silent mode. The only problem I had with A***nt*re is that they never called again after that initial April interview. That sucked big time for me, since it hit home hard that work never comes on a silver platter, unlike some of my illustrious, medal-laden, honor-bound classmates who got companies clamoring for their services. So I decided that the first contract signing that comes my way will be my first career path. I believe that opportunity only knocks, only you choose when to open the door. A***nt*re only went to my doorstep and walked away.

So now that I already signed 5 pages of a contract (and now quite OK), and now happily at P**T, why would I answer the phone anymore? Besides, I get to work with some of the best companies in this country, and apply for better things after spicing up my resume. I'm exposed to different company procedures, multiple vouches, and good reputation, why not?

I take less for now and will get more in return. The next problem for me is the prospect of being away from my family someday, has its ups and downs, but that's a problem for another year.

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Truth be told, I love weird snacks.

I eat that food that Americans find the most disgusting in Asia, "balut", but I only eat the yellow part and give the chick to my dog.

I really love to eat that Oishi ridges snack, wasabi flavor. Imagine that.

At home, I mix apples, bananas, and ube ice cream for dessert.

I somewhat like the aftertaste of Lucky Me's "Tom Yum" hot noodle. Somewhat tangy.

Once, I bought freshly sliced and prepared sashimi from a metro sushi bar and took them home, I told them it was raw tuna meat and the ones raw beside it was scallops sushi and some ootoro. No one would dare eat it beside me, they don't like it raw. If I left it, my father would have probably fried the sashimi slices. I downed 10 slices.

I love milk tea. Without sugar.

I once recycled the hotdogs on the ref and made myself hotdog curry.

Once as a dare I ate a slice of ripe mango with a spoonful of ketchup. Yum.

I did a version of that "Cement Mixer" cocktail, but using softdrinks. I mixed 2 glasses of lemon soda with 1/2 can of condensed milk, and it was like clogging down my throat with every gulp.

I usually eat street food if I see it to my liking. But as a principle I don't eat one-day-old chicks and chicken feet. They're street food, but these two food types I mentioned earlier are just a waste of money to eat.

My favorite food is "pinapaitan", literally "bittered", which is a stew made of goat innards, goat meat, goat skin, goat fat, maybe some beef meat here and there, and the soup's bitterness comes from a green substance extracted from the goat's bile and/or pancreas. Nice.

My favorite iced tea flavor is One Tea's "Four Seasons". I sometimes make it "Six", adding other tea flavors.

I like my noodles COLD. Like I cook some cup noodles, I prefer that it cooks for the recommended 3 minutes with hot water, then I place it in the ref for 2 hours.

I once did that "Pulp Fiction" thing, eating french fries with mayonnaise instead of ketchup.

John Travolta: "I've seen them do it, man, they fuckin' drown them in that shit."
Samuel L. Jackson: "Yuck"

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The anime "Mnemosyne" is now over, officially.

It was great, more like an "acquired tastes" type of anime. For mature audiences only.

The ending was quite like a downer for me, actually. The anime series makes most audiences wanting for more of the "aftermath", but ending it with a babyshot is just a bit of a lowdown.

Also, Junjou Romantica is also done for now, with 12 episodes plus a DVD-only seiyuu dubs. If I have to say, of all the yaoi anime I watched, this one hits the spot. Where else can you get 3 yaoi pairings in just 12 episodes? Just great. Guaranteed I'll buy the DVD releases (secretly).

Now I have to just sit tight and wait for the release of the anime version of Kurogane Kenn's "Shoujo Sect", which is pure unadulterated yuri. It's like the reverse of "Junjou Romantica", lots of pairings, lots of action and lots of drama. Good stuff coming and I'm itching to watch.

Currently there's "Zero no Tsukaima 3", "Special A", "Kanokon", and lots more of the good stuff, so I'm full on the anime fodder.

I'm also interested in acquiring some shows that can surely generate a big laugh. I currently have these on my PC just to amuse myself on downer days:

Clerks II
Monty Python and the Holy Grail
The "Scary Movie" series
Epic Movie
Mrs. Doubtfire
Good Morning Vietnam
Big Show vs Floyd Mayweather (Wrestlemania 24)
Kung Fu Panda
Shaolin Soccer
a few Eminem music videos
also a few Al Yankovic parodies

My PSP currently has a few animes in it, considering I got bored of playing Silent Hill Zero.

===== =====

I'm also kinda out of the loop with regards to some music releases. I mean, work takes a f**king lot of me. The only way I get the latest music is by Aznmedia and nihonGaku torrents, I download them by weeknights and listen to them in between bus trips to and from work.

Mostly these two music release groups release mainstream mp3s. Like Nightmare, Ayabie, the GazettE, Hyde, Vamps, etc. The only thing I miss is the indies, like exist+trace, Fatima, uchuu pops sentai noiz, and the like.

Probably by Saturday I'll try to catch up.

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So, another spoof article from me. I'm bored.

Opposition Disbanded
by God-Knows-Who

Millions upon millions of Filipinos from around the world were happily surprised by the sudden turn of events in the current Philippine political situation as the political group known simply as "the Opposition" has finally decided to disband.

Senate Pr-ass-ident Money Billiards hastily called a press conference today at 12:01 AM to announce the disbanding of the group that generated more heel heat that WWE's Adam Copeland (known for his in-ring name "Edge"). He talked briefly during the conference, citing that the now-former members of the group simply wanted to go their separate ways, due to the upcoming 2010 Presidential elections. He also said that some are now disillusioned over the premise of a united opposition, and that they wanted to diversify to different fields and facets of life for a change.

"Lintik yang mga yan, bwisit. Baka ako pa ang nanalong presidente. (I respect their individual decisions and I wish them well in their endeavours)." Billiards said. Most journalists on the Senate press room were simply stunned by these sudden turn of events. It was widely known that the Melacanyang's President Glory Macapunong Adobo is the leader of the group simply known as "the Administration", and the group is worried that their chances of retaining their seats are endangered by a possibility of a "united Opposition", given their current popularity ratings and involvement in such corrupt practices such as ZET, Sex-ecutive Privileges, meetings with their "Client #9", rice oversupply, and electrical shortcircuits. And with this sudden development, the minions of "the Administration" simply let out an Indian war howl while banging their privates.

The fates of the disbanded "Opposition" remains unknown. Mokati major Jejibar Monay is planning to revive the now-defunct group and re-christen it as the "Eraserdickheads" and erect their building at Buendia. Other members have started to go to the US and Europe under different names, notably one famous Senatore who remaned himself "Frank S. Scudders", an English national. Others also registered names such as "Sabeer Ocampo" (now an Indian dual citizen), "Pietro Alan Kaetanous" (a Greek expatriate), "Chandry Madrival" (a Swede) and "O-ren Barracuda" (a Japanese transplant). Some re-integrated themselves into Philippine society, with some hoping to return to the seminary where they once have been incarcerated. One congressman announced he was also going to be an inventor again. The congressman gained early notoriety in his career due to his invention called the "Male Sanitary Napkin" which won the 2003 Chindogu awards in Japan. Another second-generation Sennattore also expressed interest in going back to show business, due to the success of his previous blockbuster films such as "Gatas ng Ama", "The Major's Privates", "The Dick Dorgon Story" and "Nefertiti, Queen of Egypt".

In other news, it was also reported 12 hours later by our correspondents that the National Treasury lost $780 billion in one day, said Deputy Director Walla Cuenta. It was purported that a Senator warranted the release of such a fund amount yesterday to support his drive to "cleanse this country of corruption". Cuenta also denied that Nicolas Cage is involved in this controversy.

The said Senator was unavailable for comment due to overseas commitments.

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Written Without Wax
Posted at Friday, July 04, 2008, 02:28 pm by Albert T.
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BGM: [ Without Me ] by Eminem

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Oh yeah, now it's on, on my job, lots of programming work. But I love pressure.

Top 5 for the week:
1. Midnight Venus by w-inds
2. Resonance by T.M.Revolution
3. Gekidou by UVERworld
4. Athena by abingdon boys school
5. Iris by Goo Goo Dolls

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Pacquiao wins, again. The stakes are getting a bit higher every time he wins.

David Diaz got floored solidly at the 9th round, and with that Pacquiao took his belt, and that bulls-eye off his back.

If this is an indication, Pacquiao could very well stay at 135lbs until his body is comfortable enough to accomodate 140lbs.

Now he's leading the charge of superfeatherweights invading the lightweight division. And Floyd Mayweather's retired, so now he's the de facto top boxer in the world.

The only problems with Manny Pacquiao now are these three factors:

1. Home, Country and Politics

I swear, politics and sports can never ever mix very well. Pacquiao should ditch the politicians hounding him, because what those politicians only want is a share of the kissing space on Pacquiao's ass. If Pacquiao really wants lips pressing against his buttocks, let him be.

Pacquiao should never ever train again in the Philippines. Roach and Arum are right; there are way too many distractions in RP for a boxing trainee like Pacman. Commercials, ad placements, endorsements, show appearances, showbiz. And that really sucks big time if you're in Roach's shoes.

2. The "Time To Hang Up The Gloves"

Now that he's Top Rank's prime cash cow, when will Pacquiao see fit to retire?

When he's basically at the top of his game like Mayweather did?
Or when he's a whipping legend steppingstone used by rising boxing stars much like how Pacquiao did with Marco Antonio Barrera?

Time will tell. Or maybe his body will.

3. Where does his money go?

Admittedly, Pacquiao earns millions of pesos with each megabuck fight. And he should be wise where his money goes, because if he just looks at his own back, he can see his friends... and people with money on their sights.

It's not a cynic point of view with that and Manny; it's true. Pacquiao ran in the elections last year, and most of his "friends" took huge sums of money for trifle expenses that cost a pittance, much akin to collecting 10 million dollars just to buy a pair of plastic scissors at Wal-Mart.

Pacquiao should learn from the bitter lessons from past famed Filipino boxers like Luisito Espinosa, William Magahin, and Mansueto velasco, each whom earned millions of dollars and were the Philippines' pride in the past but now live in poverty and obscurity.

Money eventually is spent. The only matter is "how fast" does it go. The slower the better.

The good thing now is that Pacquiao is getting a university degree in business administration. That's great, now he can handle his business by himself.

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Well, frankly, my mom's getting a little annoying. It's akin to a tonic water that tastes just like yesterday's stale used bath water; it's toxic, disgusting and leaves a very bad taste in the mouth. And that, describes my mom's current state.

My mom always advises us to sleep early. Yep, and I saw her watching a telenovela late in the night.

My mom advises me to wake up early. Yep, and my natural sleep rhythm gets disrupted, and the worst thing is that when I get out of my room she dishes out a few unsavory words. I haven't drunk my coffee yet.

My mom tells me to do more work and less talking. Hell yes, and she was still castigating me heavily with atrocious diatribes while she was doing house chores. Great example.

My mom keeps saying I should leave on time to be on work on time. yep, and she tells me always her departure time for work is this time, and always leaves late. She tells me she can go anytime she wants because she's the manager. Screw the DTRs.

My mom's greatest enemy is not her son, not the rising costs of common commodities, and neither is my Dad being a procrastinating Sun Tzu with a belly larger than that Buddha on a Meiji shrine.

It is herself. Contradicting oneself, and being a hypocrite at the same time. Now I know where my sister got such a egocentric bitchy attitude.

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Now I know the local ube (a root crop product) sandwich spread and a few drops of vanilla extract in the container bottle, mixed together, tastes great.

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When I was in Grade 6 I was also enthralled with cryptography. It was when I got hold of my mom's first set of encyclopedias (she used to sell them as a sideline), I was reading random lexicon book letters weekly, devouring them due to the lack of JK Rowlings (though years later I bought her first book), Dan Browns, and Bob Ongs. Though I enjoyed most of Coelho's novels at the school library too.

Don't get me wrong though; I also consumed my high school library's set of Hardy Boys detective novels (I managed to befriend the high school librarian and permit me to enter only for reading).

The World Book 2000 encyclopedia sets also included an A-K dictionary with a section of it dedicated to cryptography. I was riveted to it instantly. I never knew then people need to hide their messages while giving it - the irony of it, giving away to the public something only a select few can only understand, a language never native.

In the movie "Con Air", the character played by John Cusack read a one-sentence English message from a Spanish consulate paper through the holed-out heads of the 12 apostles on a Last Supper postcard. Now that was cool. Hey, who said cryptography always needed math?

There's simple substitution. Like substituting A-Z with any letter as long there is a guide on what is and what isn't.

Some very complex. Take for example, a Reader's Digest article pertaining to one war veteran who used a 36-letter key and arranged it in ascending order.


Then composing a diary in a 36 by 36 mathematical grid-style notebook using numerical positioning, becomes a set of randomly arranged letters until someone knew how.

In history there's Enigma. And Caesar cipher.

Some also used columnar substitution. Arranging the letters in columns and rearranging them using a numeric passkey from 1-9. Or if he's more sadistic, a column-row substitution with 2 passkeys.

In computer science too, the crptography field is also necessary. Cloaking private communication is one. Even the way of reading analog to digital signals is also a slight part of crptography, from 0s and 1s to readable information. Sometimes the art of cryptography in this science is called "encryption".

But when I grew older and the enthusiasm waned away, I retained three from those experiences;

One, I don't have to use cryptography at home; I am the only intellectual at home and even my dad doesn't know much about history let alone to read a book explaining chaos theory. He knows no Shakespeare, no Sartre, no Dumas, no Homer, no Descartes, nothing. Just history in his experience and nothing more and less of it. I can just simply guise my home paper writings, anime CD Titles, file bindings and the usual hide-from-parents stuff, littering it with computer science jargon and linguistic wordiness and it becomes unreadable. Say I have anime DVDs stacked in a cylindrical plastic 20-pc container. I usually title it "2D Animation Installation and Reference" which is not entirely wrong, but is effective repellant for most.

Two, I can place some cryptography in my programs for fun. Like for example, I presented a good program in C language to one of my professors at UST a few years back. If you see the C code, it's just normal. But if you take the floating random jumbled letters in some of the comments part of the program and arrange them in sequence, then placing the letters in an 8 by 8 grid and reading it from right to left (Japanese way), you'll see a nice little tirade about my professor. I liked it especially that the professor graded so good a program filled with encrypted filth about him.

That was hard to do, but was made easier with graphing paper.

Some people (usually underclassmen) ask me to create their COBOL, C++ and Java programs. I always manage to insert my copyright and authorship in each, discreetly. I really love the 62287 number, that's my birthdate in short date format. So I insert my copyright in the comment form (using double backslashes in C++ and Java) or some unnecessary jumbled letters in comment form in COBOL. In C++ and Java, just collect all strings and codes in comment form, get the 6th, the 22nd, the 8th and the 7th alphanumeric letters of every line (using the selected position to move 2 rights and 2 lefts, start with 0), beforehand this time replace all + with t and @ with a.

For example,
//this may be a step for numb. control and manipulation
//force reset = 0. It is necessary, to abort system redundancy
//1 reset01 variable paramtr. to be used as requirement for this funct'n.
//siml'n return glitch in some code runtime, but very minimal and irrelevant.

I hid my name in those 4 lines. Can you try?

Sometimes it needn't be complicated. One of my PHP pages I did for my projects had a little salt in the coding.

Three, it's not always the English alphabet that's suited for coding. Take the Chinese writing characters. They also have a different reading style when used in Japan, so it's a perfect vehicle for cryptographers to use. Or we can use historical references. Like word etymologies, geographical references and even blood-sugar content computation. Now that's some serious coding there.

Imagine the possibility: intercepting a letter written in fluent Chinese but using English letters. Then convert it to standard Chinese symbols. That is hard, but in the share of the pie that's the easy part. Then converting it to its equivalent Kanji reading and convert it to English. Only linguists will have an easy day for this.

Bonus: my thesis program was devoid of any of my copyright and/or sarcastic cryptography. why? it is itself like a decrypter of jargon, heh. didn't bother me much to write something hidden in there. if the program will be open-sourced then it would be lost.

===== =====

Yesterday I got REALLY sick, for the first time in 2 years. Well, it could be 4 months if you include me being "sick to my stomach" regarding my Theory of Automata subject, or being "sick" of Java usage in my thesis, or being "sick" of my dad constantly pushing me to find work instantly 3 days after I graduated.

But I mean, physically sick. Try coupling cough, headache, stomachache and fever, all in one day. That sucks, but that's what happened to me.

At 4:30AM, I'm supposed to wake up, but I couldn't get up. I tried again, but then I felt my breathing was as hot as steam off my usual lukewarm morning bathwater. And my head f**king hurts.

I already had a high fever the day before yesterday. My mom went to panic mode the moment she touched the side of my neck (damn, shouldn't have let her in) and gave me heckuva dosages of pills. Ascof, Alaxan, Biogesic, Ascorbic Acid, Decolgen, Bioflu, maybe she should have included baccardi and shots of heroin because I'm terribly pissed off.

I obediently drank my pills and wondered if the sun will still shine for me tomorrow.

Good news; it did. The bad news is that my sickness got worse. Damn.

Luckily my mom went to work earlier than usual, so I didn't have to worry about her transforming to caregiver mode.

I pulled the trigger and made the decision to skip work. I texted one of my workbuddies that I will miss a day of work, and with that I slept again and hoped that my sickness will fade.

I figured out REST was the thing I badly needed. At afternoon most of my ailments dissipated, and the fever subsided to a manageable level.

Thankfully, I was able to go back to work without any problems. The only remaing thing is that 2 problems came up at work: GUI and some minor VB.NET revisions.

Now back to work. Hopefully the fever goes away. Damn that storm named "Frank".

===== =====

Now I have to flex my journalistic abilities a little bit here, they're getting a bit rusty on the side.

So, a spoof article by me. Hopefully it won't be taken seriously, it's a joke.

300 Found Alive In Capsized Ferry
by Bye Bye delas Alas

The capsized ferry M/V "Prince's Ass On The Stairs" was unflipped yesterday by certified public accountants off the coast of Romblog, in a massive search-and-rescue operation (sponsored by Nike) that amazingly yielded 300 survivors, 2 politicians, 10 goats, 5 cows, 2 racehorses and one dead camel.

President Glory Macapuno-Anunsyo praised the efforts of the Congress for pulling all the stops to ensure the successful retrieval operations and the subsequent rescue of the 300 survivors found inside the ferry, although no comments were further given regarding the 20 animals found along with the survivors.

"The power of the Congress has prevailed. Even though they're in a shopping spree in Berlin they were able to facilitate the rescue operations." the President added sarcastically.

The 300 survivors found inside the ferry were actually the same 300 people from Sparta, Greece who came on the Philippines for rest and recreation after the success of their international film, "300". Their king, Leonidas, was not able to join the crew on the holiday due to him facilitating another movie in Moscow that requires 300 stuntmen for Keanu Reeves jumping off a cliff.

Most of the survivors survived in the kitchen area of the ferry. Finding themselves with ample food supply, according to them, they managed to live in very "spartan" conditions. One survivor even remembered his encounter with the ferry's "captain's pulutan" supply. Rescuers found evidence of the survivors' inner human fortitude and tenacity for living, even managing to see that the survivors managed to set up their own disco hall and videoke bars.

"One Filipino passenger wanted my life jacket. I said 'This is for Sparta!' and he kicked me in the balls. That was his mistake," one of the survivors told CCTV moments after he was extracted from the ferry's exhaust pipe, "and he got my life jacket, a FedEx package, a pair of rollerblades, and a Wilson standard leather volleyball. Don't know where he is now."

Another Spartan survivor recounted his bizarre encounter with the ferry's captain. "This captain - weird. He went in the deck and came out with four violinists in tuxedoes and played this godawful violin quartet. They told me they were from the Titanic."

The ferry apparently carried some highly unusual items such as enfozuldan, a highly addictive shabu supplement, and a few animals such as female camels, goats, cows and male racehorses (including the politicians). A survivor found them near the hull entrance, and managed to use the animals to benefit their surviving group.

"We so hungry, we only have fire and caviar. We took goats, ate them. One friend Sadik took the camel to his cabin. The cow, we ate. Sadik also take racehorses, said camel dead. Sadik not with us." recounted the survivor.

The survivors unabashedly hugged their rescuers, even the certified public accountants, for helping them escape their horrible ordeal. The accountants were certainly pleased that the operation went smoothly despite the obvious absence of engineers, who were hired by Sen. Panghilo Lakson to engineer a successful comeback for the ZTE scandal.

"It was all about balance. We computed the assets and the liabilities of the ship, and its capital, and by the power of our balance sheets we were able to balance the accounts and eventually be able to unflip this ferry." said Wilmer Doesnt, the chief accountant of the rescue team.

The owner of M/V "Prince's Ass On The Stairs", SulPiso Lines Inc., declined to comment on the survivors and the eventual "The Buzz" appearances, product commercials and lawsuits that might entail the rescue, but had plenty of excuses to offer, ranging from interplanetary space gravity disalignment to NOPAGASA's inaccuracy of weather forecasting.

SulPiso Lines Inc. also have started the bidding for the auction of the capsized ferry to be portioned per kilo of its metal parts and accessories.

The other passengers of the ferry are still unaccounted for, says the rescue team leader. "We are currently still trying to find the other casualties of this horrible accident, dead or alive", said the team leader. He also said that the relatives of the survivors and missing passengers are now being given free ferry tickets to Romblog, aboard M/V "Apo ni Dona Paz".

In other news, a savage man was found in a makeshift wood raft near the coasts of Tonga in Polynesia, rambling in a foreign language (presumably Filipino) and was claiming to be a survivor of that capsized ferry in Romblog. As of informants' information he kept saying the name "Wilson" while clutching a volleyball with crude face paint.

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